Substantially reduce your exposure and risk by pooling your investment with other investors. Direct investments in individual mortgages offer a smaller return when risk calculated.

  • Diversification – Substantially reduce risk by pooling of funds vs direct investment in individual mortgages.

  • Continuously Invested– Continuous investment of funds vs direct investment

  • Compounding – Distribution Reinvestment Program (“DRIP”) that allows investors to benefit from increased yields through the compounding effects of reinvestment

  • Monthly Distribution – Consistent and predictable return on investment along with monthly cashflow through the distribution of 100% of the profits on an annual basis

  • Reduced AdministrationReduction in administrative burden associated with payouts and reinvestment

  • Reduced Exposure to Liability – Investments through the fund provides investors with additional personal protection against potential litigation

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We research the properties both on and off market to find the best properties to invest in using our proven investment metrics.


Once the research is finished we acquire the best property to maximize the return on investments


Our in house team manages the mortgage portfolio on a daily basis to minimize risk


Every quarter you will receive your distribution from the fund of at least a 7% rate

Latest Acquisition

Some of the latest properties we have secured or acquired private mortgages on.

Le Goyeau Condominium

Investment Closed
15 Units
ROI 60.00%
Annualized ROI 9.86%
Investment Length 5.00 years